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There isn’t a better Real-Estate Agent!

I can’t express enough how wonderful the whole process was of searching for and buying a house with Brandie. There is so much to say about her character, her skills and her knowledge of buying a home and real estate in general – she is so genuine, so understanding of what I needed, beyond patient, gracious with her time and consistently willing to drive for hours to look at a house for me and video it when I couldn’t be there. I’ve known many real estate agents; some are close friends, but respectfully, none of them can hold a candle to her. She was eager, trustworthy, willing and never shied away from getting up early, staying late or driving in the snow at night for me. She is a ready-made friend when you’re introduced to her. She’s just one of those rare people you can call a friend and rely on her instantly after knowing her for only a short while. I wasn’t just a number and she wasn’t just another agent. She was REAL and it was refreshing.

A Review submitted by Adam Clancy


on Dec 2021


Brandie Kittle is the epitome of everything you could want in a realtor; she is well-connected, knowledgeable and professional. Her likeability is what you want in someone representing your home to others. There is an ease about the way in which she conducts herself even amidst all the stress that comes with negotiating such an important personal transaction. She comes across as someone that truly loves what she does and enjoys all there is about North West Montana. We would recommend her to anyone, without hesitation.

A Review submitted by Wayne and Augustine Irion


on Feb 2022


My husband and I were looking for a vacation property in Essex, Montana. We found an acre and called a local realtor up there which happened to be Brandie. She did a lot of research on the property and she let us know that it would not work out to build on it due to a conservation easement. Another property with a home came up for sale. We again put in an offer through Brandie, but we didn’t get that home either. The third time was a charm.
Brandie found us the perfect log home on an acre. It was just what we were looking for. Our offer was accepted and we moved in about a month ago. We couldn’t be happier and the location is perfect. We loved Brandie’s attention to detail and her thoroughness in researching all of the information about the home and property. She is very knowledgeable about the area and we would highly recommend her as your next realtor.

A Review submitted by Jerilyn Harshbarger


on October 2021


If patience & perseverance are of value to you as a perspective BUYER, then I would submit to you as a buyer——— This lady will shine as a realtor you should be most pleased to use! We hunted all over western Montana for just shy of three years. Probably made 5 or 6 trips from Az. Had several contracts that were either rejected due to inspections or that we turned away from after viewing the homes. Brandie stuck with us through all of this! She probably logged at least 1000 miles plus! We were VERY discriminating BUYERS. So—— Thank You Brandie for your patience & perseverance ! When we use a realtor again in Montana and we will, Brandie will be our Agent.

A Review submitted by Maury Schuessler


on November 2020


Brandie went above and beyond to iron out the details of a transaction that got more complicated than we had anticipated. She was able to track down people across three states and get necessary signatures, etc. We were very impressed and grateful for all her work—and we’re very happy with our new spot! We recommend Brandie highly!

A Review submitted by Eric Meyer


on April 2021


Brandie was a pleasure to work with. She went above and beyond to find us the home we wanted and to tie up the loose ends. You can trust her to communicate effectely and honestly. Brandie was knowledgeable about the market, a strong negotiator, patient, and always available to show us homes. She is someone you can count on. We highly recommend her.

A Review submitted by K Kasser


on July 2019


Brandie hands down is the best person out there. We used her to purchase our home, and when it came time to sell a year later, she was right there for us. She is good about reminding us of the things that are easy to look past in the craziness of the process. She gives sound advice and cares about her clients and makes the process go smoother.

A Review submitted by Jordan Kunkel

(Buyer and Seller)

on July 2019


Brandie is amazing. She not only helped us find a home long distance in this crazy market, but guided us through the entire process with several issues that had to be addressed and solved. She gave us confidence throughout the process and let us know what was going on at each step all while we were out of state. We were so excited when we got to see our home for the first time. We love it. Thank you Brandie!

A Review submitted by Marlo Fullerton


on April 2021


It is always a pleasure working with Brandie. She is all of the above and more. Truly fortunate to work with an amazing professional like her.

A Review submitted by Lynsi DeWaard, Realtor KW NW Montana


Brandie Kittle is amazing to work with. She is very professional and responsive. I look forward to working with her again.

A Review submitted by Terry Burback, Realtor KW NW Montana